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Christmas Store is Coming!

The Christmas Store is a special event!

When children are finished with their toys they donate them to our Christmas Store for resale. This raises money for our school. Adults also donate items too.  They donate lightly used items which they do not need any longer. Children will donate and buy with the kindness of their hearts.

The whole point of this store is to make kids happy and spread joy throughout the school. It is all about giving! People of all ages are going to come to the Christmas Store and buy these donated items.

A great thing about the Christmas Store is it’s only $2 and that’s a great deal because there could be some good things there. Another great thing is that children are able to buy surprise gifts for their parents and siblings without anyone knowing and then it is a total surprise for everyone!

There will be a lot of stuff there for all ages. There will be toys for toddlers, jewellery for adults, perfume for women, and many other things.

Please come donate!  There is a box outside the gym for your treasures!

By Luke and Harrison


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