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Why we need new books!

by Amber and Amila

In our school library we only have about 40% new books. That makes 60% old ones. We have some old books that date back to 1944. We need some new books! The school doesn’t have enough funding to get us those new books that we want and need. We feel the genre of books we need the most are picture books, graphic novels, and other (such as fact books and how to books). Our school library is fair sized but we feel with new books it will make it feel bigger because you have more books to read and you could say I was the first to read that book. There is one quote that was told to us by our librarian here it is:

                                                            There is magic wherever you look

All you need to do is open a book

Dr. Suess

We also have a video that shows why we need new books and what types of books we need in our library.  It also gives a little tour of our library. Enjoy!

Thanks for helping us raise money for new books for our library! We feel like we have already won!  We are very fortunate to be a part of this program!


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